Precision Wire Cut Services was established in 2004 in Cape Town South Africa. It was initially set up to service the EDM requirements of Cape Metal Pressings but also to take on outside work if the demand was there. While Cape Metal Pressings has grown in the past 10 years, so has PWCS. So much so that PWCS will be investing in a second Fanuc Robocut EDM and also moving to its own premises early in 2016. This will give our existing customers a quicker turnaround time and also attract new customers.

Our EDM technician is Leon who has been with PWCS since its inception 11 years ago. Leon has a total of 17 years wire cutting experience and is well known in Cape Town engineering circles for his dedication and hard work. No matter how complex or how urgent your job is, Leon will be able to help.

Because of its versatility, manufacturers use EDM wire cut for a wide range of applications. Apart from conventional uses for EDM wire cutting like press tools, plastic moulds and draw dies, it is often an ideal choice for the production of small, highly detailed items that would normally be too delicate for other machining options. The process is also cost effective for low quantity projects like prototype manufacturing. Many conventional machining jobs are quicker and cheaper with EDM wire cutting. Keyways, deep slots, gear cutting etc. even in hardened metals. Holes to line up pillars and bushes in moulds and press tools can be cut accurately with confidence as there is no force on the workpiece.